November’s Gratitude Day 9

I love my pets. I’ve always had cats around, all through my childhood, someone in my family had a cat. I never actually owned my own pet until after I got married and bought a house. Of course my pets would all be rescue animals, that was going to go without saying. But somehow it’s always happened that no matter what I went out looking for, I always came back with a pet that had some sort of pre-existing condition. Somehow, I always wanted the one that no one else wanted – and I wanted that animal to be just as spoiled as the pick of the litter.

This is Sammy Jeaux.

She was the “left over” kitten from a litter of a young, stray cat. She was incredibly tiny with strange fur and a piercing cry. But I loved her spirit. Full grown she is not even a full four pounds but she is and always has been fearless! Filled with self-confidence, she loves to run, jump, and play all over the house. She loves toys with a passion and has her own toybox filled with a collection of toys that we’ve bought for her and things that she’s pretty much stolen on her own!

She is funny, amazing, hysterical, loving, challenging, and always seems to know exactly when I need a little extra time and attention from her. Today I am grateful to have the love of a little furry friend who even as I type this blog post is curled up next to me purring up a storm and keeping my feet warm.  I am grateful for my Sammy Jeaux who in her own little cat way teaches me lessons about courage, confidence, and the joy of being in the moment.

2 thoughts on “November’s Gratitude Day 9

  1. I have a cat – his name is Butters and he is so hairy that he gets poop stick in the fur of his butt. I always know when he has an exceptionally huge load stuck when I find him in the corner, licking feverishly at the area with a face of absolute disgust. I then have to cut it off of him. Niiiiiiice.
    This is then followed up with my chopping hair off from all over his body. He looked handicapped when I am finished. He is a little handicapped, but he is my handicapped cat.
    Oh and I have a dog, Boomer, who has bad breath. It smells like he has a rotting fish in his mouth. Yummy fishy dog kisses. HA!

    • hahaha! Sammy Jeaux also has “fuzzy knickers.” I’ve toyed with the idea of a booty hair cut but never actually done it! Poor Butters with the sad haircut 😉

      Butters and Boomer, too cute 😀

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